Travel Vloggers

I love reading about personal travel adventures and tips & tricks of certain destinations given by travellers. What I like even more is seeing all these adventures. Luckily for me there is this thing called Youtube where the most amazing videos are shared. Today I’ll share with you my favorite travel vloggers! Continue reading


Feeling Festive

One of the things I really like to do around christmas time, is to visit the gardening centers which are so beautifully decorated in christmas style. Last weekend me and my mom decided to do some christmas shopping there and I thought it would be fun to bring you guys along. So, thats what I did!

Please let me know what you think of it and share in the comments what you do to get the christmas spirit!

If you can’t see the video, click here.

Enjoy life,

Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand



Bromo Volcano – Java, Indonesia

We had to wake up at 3.15 am to be picked up 15 minutes later. Crossing over the dessert like surface in pitch black surroundings. Up the hill we went, heading for the viewing point where we saw the sun rise behind the volcano. Minutes later we were back in the jeep stopping at the foot of the volcano. After climbing the stairs (yes there were stairs at the volcano) which was pretty hard due to the fact that we were pretty high and breathing was harder than normally, this was what we were rewarded with; the grand crater and a grand view.

How to: convince your parents to let you travel

What I learned so far in life (even though I’m only 23) is that traveling is one of the greatest things you can do and on of the experiences where you learn most of. Not only do you get to experience other cultures, behaviors and daily life, you also learn a lot by taking care of yourself in a different setting than you’re used to.

Fortunately, my parents were really supportive of me going abroad. I have to say though, that most of the time I was there for my study so they knew there were people looking out for me and that I was staying in a safe place. But, although we were living in one place we traveled a lot during these few months, and I also traveled through Cambodia by myself.

Sounds good, but your parents don’t feel the same way about you going on an adventure far away? I’m here to give you some tips and tricks to convince them!

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So today, december 5th we celebrate ‘Sinterklaas’ here in Holland! Since I like to read about festive celebrations from other cultures, I thought it might be fun to tell the non-dutchies something about Sinterklaas and how it’s celebrated. Basically, the Sinterklaas holiday Β is the same as christmas, but without the elves, reindeers and the tree. We do have the old men though. I’ll explain all about it in this post! Continue reading

Weekly photo challenge: Let there be light

Lake Batur – Bali, Indonesia

Arriving the previous day, which was dark due to heavy rain fall and had the thickest fogg I’ve ever experienced (we could literally see just up to one meter in front of us), we had no idea that this would be the view we were waking up to. The sunlight coming up from behind the mountain was one of the prettiest things we experienced and made up for the horrible weather from the day before. The sun just came up as if nothing happend. Ohh, only if I could wake up to this view every morning.