Mahout for a day

For the people around you that don’t know what a mahout is. A mahout is an elephant trainer that basically dedicates his life to the elephants. Whilst being in Thailand that even has a beer brand with elephants, you just can’t leave Thailand without coming close to these animals.

Being around the elephant farm all day was definitely one of the highlights of our stay in Thailand and today I’m sharing my favorite pictures and I tell you all about the experience.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Community



Somewhere in Thailand

While we were driving in Thailand we stopped when we saw these people working in the paddy fields. Our guide told us that whole villages come together and help each other out with the work on the paddy fields. I found this pretty amazing since it’s really hard work out in the burning sun all day. Amazing to see though, that communities help each other in such a way 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand



Bromo Volcano – Java, Indonesia

We had to wake up at 3.15 am to be picked up 15 minutes later. Crossing over the dessert like surface in pitch black surroundings. Up the hill we went, heading for the viewing point where we saw the sun rise behind the volcano. Minutes later we were back in the jeep stopping at the foot of the volcano. After climbing the stairs (yes there were stairs at the volcano) which was pretty hard due to the fact that we were pretty high and breathing was harder than normally, this was what we were rewarded with; the grand crater and a grand view.

Thai Cooking Class

After spending several weeks in Thailand and with almost no time left before going home, we figured we couldn’t leave this country without learning how to cook a properly Thai dish. A trip to Koh Chang was already planned and some internet research led us to ‘Koh Chang Thai Cooking‘, a cooking class on the island. One quick phone call later our class was scheduled and a few days later we were picked up from our bungalow by the owner of the cooking class. Headed to some serious cooking time.  Continue reading