Where I like to spend christmas someday

Only two more days until christmas guys! Even though we don’t have to expect a white christmas here in the Netherlands, I’m really looking forward to it :). I’m spending christmas with my family at my parents house, we’ll probably go to see some ice statues or visit the royal palace in my hometown.  Although I’m happy to spend christmas at my parents, there are a few other places where I’d like to spend christmas someday. 

England / London
I’ve never been to England, let alone London, but I really want to go there! Especially during christmas since I feel like everything there is very christmassy and cosy. Also, London is perfect for some christmas shopping, I’d love to visit Harrods during this period of year! Besides London there are the smaller villages which look like they can be placed on a christmas card right away. How perfect would christmas be in a cosy house with a fireplace somewhere in the countryside? I’m picturing the movie ‘The Holiday’ right now, perfectly christmassy!

Ok, I hate cold weather, I hate snow and I feel like we see way to much sun during winter. Still, I really want to go to Lapland to spend christmas there. I feel like you just walk in a christmas card while you’re over there. You can even visit santa’s village, how cool is that! Going on a reindeer ride plus some snow scooter tour through nature, and ending with some hot chocolate in a nice chalet, will make the perfect christmas day! I’ll put up with the fact that we will only have 2/3 hours of daylight and that I’ll probably freeze to death.

Source: reishonger.nl

New York
Another city where I’ve not been before, but like to visit someday. After seeing so many christmas movies I want to go to New York to experience christmas there myself. I want to see the christmas tree at Rockefeller center, go ice skating at central park, do some christmas shopping at 5th avenue and drink a nice hot chocolate. Since I also want to see the ball drop at times square during new years’ eve, I’d probably combine these to have a really festive experience in New York!

Where would you like to spend christmas someday?

X Rianne


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