Travel Vloggers

I love reading about personal travel adventures and tips & tricks of certain destinations given by travellers. What I like even more is seeing all these adventures. Luckily for me there is this thing called Youtube where the most amazing videos are shared. Today I’ll share with you my favorite travel vloggers!

For you who don’t know what a vlog is, it’s a blog but in video form. Yep, that easy! There are a lot of Youtubers who film their lives and basically take you along with everything they do. So here they are, my favorites!

This is the channel of two brothers Jack and Finn Harries, who make these amazing video’s. They are very creative and I love the way they film and edit. You have to scroll a bit through their videos since they’re also making a lot of non travel videos (which are also nice to watch though). A few moths ago they did the Rickshaw Run in India and they filmed everything. They just uploaded the first videos, but there are more to come. They also went to e.g. New York, Africa, Thailand and Ibiza and everything can be watched on their channel!

Louis is living the life I’d like to have. He’s basically always on the road and uploading daily videos. I can’t even start to sum up all the places he has been, but it’s amazing! He joined Finn and Jack on their adventure through India and the day he came back he already went on his next trip. He’s currently living in Australia and since he uploads daily videos you can really follow him around on all amazing things he does! The video below shows his past year; INSANE!

Biggest Baddest Bucketlist
This channel follows around the two brothers Alex and Marko aka the Vagabrothers whilst they travel around the world in 6 months. They visit 25 destinations in 25 weeks going to all the places on their bucketlist; which is crazy! A lot of videos are already up and they give a lot of information about the destinations they’ve been to. Every Tuesday a new video comes up. They also have a personal channel!

I think all channels have their own touch to it and it’s really nice to see people pursuing their dreams and bringing us with them on the ride.

Did you already know these channels or do you have other channels you recommend? Please let me know cause I’d like to discover some more!

X. Rianne


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