Thai Cooking Class

After spending several weeks in Thailand and with almost no time left before going home, we figured we couldn’t leave this country without learning how to cook a properly Thai dish. A trip to Koh Chang was already planned and some internet research led us to ‘Koh Chang Thai Cooking‘, a cooking class on the island. One quick phone call later our class was scheduled and a few days later we were picked up from our bungalow by the owner of the cooking class. Headed to some serious cooking time. 

While waiting for two other participants to arrive we looked around in the little store attached to the school, where some nice souvenirs and kitchen equipment is sold. A little while later our cooking apron was on, our hands were clean and with our given cooking book and pen we were ready to take notes.

In just a few hours we learned how to make spring rolls with chili sauce, Thai soup, Thai curry, Chicken with Basil and a banana dessert. The nice thing was that for the soup and curry you had the choice between different types of soups and curries that could be cooked, so everyone could make something they liked! Also for vegetarians there were different options. We seriously had the best time and the food was AMAZING!

The instructor, Nam, was really nice and explained everything very well. Since we are from Europe not all ingredients that we used during the class are available here, but for most ingredients she new replacements that can be bought here!

For the class we paid around €30 each and for this you get a class of a few hours, they pick you up and bring you back to you hotel / resort, you get a small cooking book which you can keep and of course you will have a lovely dinner / lunch! If you go to Koh Chang and like to participate in a cooking class I would really recommend this one!

To give you an impression of what the class looks like:



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